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Junior Church

The Junior Church (Sunday School) meets at 10am in the church hall and offers a warm welcome to all young people, parents and guardians. Come along to have fun learning about the Bible and God's love for you, and be a part of the Church Family .
Any child age of 5 - 16 years is welcome. If aged under 5, parents/guardians can bring and stay with their children. There is also an area at the back of the church which offers a quiet toy space, crafts and books, which allows parents to be with their child, but remain participant in the Mass.
What we do
Junior Church opens with a prayer, and we may talk about activities done in the previous week, celebrate any birthdays and do some ‘shake up’ exercise to invigorate the young people for the class. The Gospel lesson is then usually taught and young people are encouraged to interpret this through craft, drama or song. Towards the end of the session the young
people prepare what they are going to say in church. We join the main service just before the communion so that they can receive Communion or a Blessing.
Following communion the young people are welcomed by the Priest into the service.  This gives them the opportunity to share with the wider church what they have learnt in class, share their drawings or perform in song.
First Holy Communion and Confirmation 
With the permission of parents, our young people are offered the opportunity to receive Holy Communion from the age of 7, and Confirmation from the age of 10.  To prepare for these, there are a series of short classes, which run alongside Sunday School.  First Communions would be received at Christmas and Confirmation at Easter or Christ The King.
The Junior Church also have a ‘Gospel & Worship Choir’ on a Friday evening where young people are able to come and practise songs and have some social time. 
Occassional social outings are also organised for the group.
St Aidan’s Church has a Safeguarding Children’s Policy and all Junior Church Leaders have been subject to an enhanced DBS check.

Comments from some of the children and young people;

“I like Sunday School because I learn about Jesus”

“I like Sunday School because we get to discuss things in the Bible and relate them to things that happen today”

“We learn things that we would not normally learn at school”

“I like Sunday School because it’s a place that we can come together and worship God in different ways, whether that be through a bible reading, through song, through pictures or through a piece of drama”

“Sunday School is a place where any of our questions about God are answered in a way that we understand by sometimes relating it to real life situations”

“I like writing words”“To learn about God” “Because my Mum makes me”

“I like drawing pictures and colouring”

“Pay our respects to God”


“Because I learn more about God”

“I can meet friends and pray to God at the same time”

“Learning about God in an easier way”

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