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Zimbabwean Community

Zimbabwe National Anglican Fellowship

A new body called the Zimbabwe National Anglican Fellowship – UK   has been formed and this body will oversee all the Zimbabwe Anglican bodies like Mothers Union , Fathers union and Youth body.

The main objective  is the pastoral care and the social welfare of the Zimbabwean Anglicans in England and Wales . This objective will be achieved through;

a)     Reaching out to all Zimbabwean Anglicans living and working in England and Wales for the purposes of fellowship and pastoral care.

b)    Teaching and helping people to work out their salvation in the context of their home context.

c)     Providing a strong link with the practice of the faith in Zimbabwe .

d)    Promoting an awareness of social responsibilities through interpersonal relationships

This body will normally hold an AGM at the Bernard Mzeki event.


(1) Phillip Chinyenze


Tel: 07832100989


(2) T K Chinembiri

Editing Team



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