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Leeds West Indian Carnival

Thank you to all who came to enjoy the Carnival together at St Aidan’s on Monday 29 August 2023. It was a splendid celebration, vibrant, happy, thought-provoking and colourful. And a special thank you for those who stepped up to welcome our visitors and served refreshments.


We had over 200 people coming through our doors this year - for some it was their first visit, for others popping in is a cherished part of their carnival celebrations every year. Candles were lit, photos taken, prayers said, drinks, biscuits and sticky buns (thank you, Carolynne) enjoyed, new friendships made and old ones renewed. See you next year!

St Aidan's Church is on the route of the Leeds West Indian Carnival parade.    The Church is open for visitors, offering a chance for a look around, a resting place, hot and cold drinks and the use of our toilet facilities.  The photos below were taken at the 2016 Carnival. 


We are so glad the West Indian Carnival, including its fabulous parade, is back this year in its 55th year. Please come and join us for refreshments on the way on Monday 29 August 2022

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