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St Aidan’s and links with local schools

St Aidan’s is proud of its link with local primary schools in the Harehills area.  Bankside Primary School is situated in the heart of the parish (it is built on the site of the old Rectory) and enjoys visiting the church for educational visits and getting to know more about the Christian faith.  Mother Andi is a regular visitor to school and leads Harvest Festivals and other seasonal events with the children. 

A very special event bringing the local school community into the heart of St Aidan’s  is the annual Advent Service. Each year, over a 100 choristers -  from the choirs of each of the 4 local primary schools (Hillcrest Academy, Harehills Primary, Hovingham Primary and Bankside Primary) - come to church to raise the rafters in song and seasonal music-making. 

The celebration of the coming light of Christmas, in the dark December days of Advent brings together children and families of many faiths (and none) in the handsome and welcoming surroundings of St Aidans; raising money for the church and bringing the fantastic acoustic for singing voices to life with their youthful enthusiasm and joy.  



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