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The Middle Eastern & Asian Community at St Aidan's

Our weekly meeting after the Sunday service with adults from the Middle East and Asia is made up of people with a range of first languages. Some are newcomers to the church, others have been with us for a number of years.  Our goals are to help the group learn more about aspects of the Bible, worship and the life of the church in order that they can make links between Christian believing and practice.


As people learn in very different ways, we have used a variety of material to explore how Christian faith is conveyed through all the senses.  Our courses for baptism and confirmation take place alongside this regular meeting using material which has been translated into relevant languages. We are very grateful to those with linguistic skills who have helped with this and also with the regular weekly translation.

A number of the group have volunteered to help with tasks involved in church maintenance - for example the sound system, refreshments, cleaning and garden upkeep. Some have become involved as acolytes and servers and some have been

recommended to help in administration of the bread and wine at Mass. Many have encouraged others to come to St Aidan’s.

In January 2015 a number of policies were formalised with the D.C.C. These developed our learning aims and objectives and clarified policy on adult baptism and confirmation. Many who attend the group risk facing religious persecution if they

returned to their home country. So a fair system was agreed in order to ensure they were appropriately supported through the process of seeking asylum in Britain.

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